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Niintey9 Releases “Understand” [DRUMMR]

Niintey9 Releases “Understand” [DRUMMR]


Budding artist Emechebe Chukwunomnso- popularly known as Niinety9 is a fast rising Nigerian singer/songwriter from Anambra state, Nigeria. Falling in love with music at the tender age of 14, the AfroSoul and AfroPop artist has been able to consistently put out music since 2016. The theme Niintey9 Releases “Understand” was an acceptable style.

Music to him is not a competition but an expression of individuals from different perspectives. He traverses the simple yet delicate phase of “Love” searching to understand the nitty-gritty of it. Fusing Afro-soul with buttered lyricism and alluring harmonies, Niintey9 delivers a stimulating body of work.

Niinety9 has always loved deeply. He sings about it, breathes it, and even eulogizes it. In fact, that particular trait is the core existence of his blistering rise among the new school artist.

By deftly melding emotions and soul-searching melodies that resonate with our deepest pain or our most pleasurable moment, the singer has become one of our favourite storytellers.


His romantic adventures he relays to us. Hot off the success of his sophomore EP ‘Bodied Soul’, where Niintey9’s storied songs about journeying love, recounting experiences of betrayal, love, commitment, and forgiveness, the fast-rising hitmaker is at it again. And this time, not much has changed.

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And on his new song ‘Understand’, Niintey9 yet again entertains us with another adventure. On ‘Understand’, Niintey9’s trademark use of rhythmic fusions carries cadences that tell the story of lust, love, and deceit. Too deep to pull out, Niinety9 is again at the mercy of his gravest enemy-his lover boy persona.

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