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Zilla Oaks Releases MMXXII

Zilla Oaks Releases MMXXII

Zilla Oaks Releases MMXXII

Zilla Oaks is a Nigerian Rap/Hip-Hop artist based in Abuja Nigeria; Following his recent release “No ZZZZ 2” in 2021 He Never gave a second thought to releasing Zilla Oaks Releases MMXXII. Which saw his numbers skyrocket across different streaming platforms and chart on the top 10 Hip-Hop/Rap Albums on Apple Music NG.

Zilla is back again with an official single off the upcoming body of work titled MMXXII. A collaborative project with Producer/Hip-Hop artist Makama, formerly known as Smvllz. Makama has a psychedelic and percussive sound delivered in a unique blend of English and his native language, Hausa which shows the authentic approach to his craft that sets him apart from his peers.

The single creatively portrays their indigenous influences with an addictive Hip-Hop bounce. “Mutumina x Alobam” is set to introduce the world to Zilla Oaks and Makama’s sonically charged versatility and innovative collaboration evolving in the Nigerian underground scene.

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