Hey guys!

We get a lot of mail from artists seeking to be featured on our site which we love but most get overlooked because it’s incomplete in a way so look at this as a checklist to get featured on our site and it should work on other sites too!

Subject: Your email subject is just as important as the mail itself so don’t leave it blank! We accept a more formal subject e.g.  “MUSIC SUBMISSION: (YOUR NAME) – (SINGLE/PROJECT TITLE)” or you could make it more descriptive but keep it short.

Press Release: Now the write up can be really tricky to strike a balance, you can get a writer to help you but I have a three-paragraph format I’ve found to be acceptable by most platforms.

Paragraph 1: This is should be a 5-6 line bio about you the artiste, your background information and stuff like that

Paragraph 2 (Optional): this should be about your music history, it could start like: Having started releasing music in 2017…” If you’ve won any awards or nominations throw it in there, if you have high streaming numbers, throw it in there, if you have any credits or features with notable artists throw it in there but keep it to a maximum of 6 lines.

Now Paragraph 3: should be about the current release be at audio or video, talk about what inspired the song or the video concept, talk about how it came together if there’s a feature include that, give credit to the producer and sound engineer too

Links: Links shouldn’t be forgotten at all, unless what’s the point! Make sure you use a bold font to identify the streaming link of the current release, you can also give a couple of spaces and add links to your previous releases and media.

  • Attachments: [DO NOT ATTACH THE SONG OR A SNIPPET VIDEO]. The only attachments in your mail should be the official covers, 2-4 press pictures and a pdf version of your press release(optional)
  • Sign Off: This should be your Contact details, website, social handles, etc.

All submissions should be sent to