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Fisayo Releases Book Of Lori [DRUMMR]

Fisayo Releases Book Of Lori [DRUMMR]

Fisayo is a Canadian-born singer from the city of Calgary in Canada. Always dreamed big but never really took music seriously, that is until the pandemic. It showed her that she has all this time yet life is too short to not be doing what you love. The theme Fisayo Releases Book Of Lori is a perfect one.

Catering towards the pop hybrid RnB genre her music style is constantly changing, never doing one but all whether it be pop, hip hop, or RnB.

With musical influences such as Micheal Jackson, J Cole, Nicki Minaj, Queen, and Take 3 from Lee Daniels’s show Star, she has never backed down from a challenge and continues to diversify her sound.

She started out with her debut single Non Stop which paved the way for her to continue writing music, immediately after that she got a feature on the song Flowers by Litface which introduced her to a new world of music she never knew before. 

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Book Of Lori is a song about beautiful women who come into your life and make you feel special for a temporary time, and when you’ve decided your all in they disappear and are gone from your life leaving you with nothing but the memory of your time together.

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