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Mösiré Creates An Emotional World in Her Debut Single, ‘In Ways’

Mösiré Creates An Emotional World in Her Debut Single, ‘In Ways’

Nigerian-born Afro-fusion singer and songwriter,  Mösirè makes her grand entrance into the music scene with her debut single, “In Ways“. The new single is a seamless weave of Afro-pop rhythms with R&B elements layered with beautifully delivered vocals from Mösirè.


“In ways feels like I tapped into the infant energy of my sound, it feels light, it feels like water, and I basically felt free expressing myself and my sound without boundaries, undefined and untampered”- Mösirè  

Mösirè further describes “In Ways” as her introduction to the world as shows off her vocal prowess on this new single, a tip of what’s yet to come. “In ways’ sets you in the mood, with an Ethereal surround that draws you into its core slowly engulfing you until climax leaving you with an insatiable feeling for more. 

“It feels rhythmic and soothing, like a gentle lapping of water or the powerful wave surges at the beach. The sensation is calming.” – Nauty (Producer, In Ways)

“In ways is one of those special ones you know. It’s started off as a freestyle, moe was just doing her thing in her element, and boom, we made a hit! Was an amazing experiencing it first hand and contributing in my own special way. Really hope the world loves it as much as we do. Yuh!” – Txmpl (Co-Producer, In Ways)

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“Simply put, In Ways feels like a Tsunami”- The Beatoven (Co-Producer, In Ways)

Listen to Mösiré’s ‘In Ways’

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