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Love, Loss, And Christmas: 234 RnB’S ‘Christmas < U' EP Redefines Holiday Music In Nigeria

Love, Loss, And Christmas: 234 RnB’S ‘Christmas < U' EP Redefines Holiday Music In Nigeria

234 RnB

234 RnB is a platform and community for Nigerian R&B artists. It is excited to announce its new Christmas-themed EP, ‘Christmas < U’. The EP is a collaboration between different artists from the 234 RnB Community. They are Emk the Genie, RnB Princess, Givens, Brum3h, Nunu Eluma, Aisosa, TED Phantom, and HearJuno.

“Christmas < U” is a soulful EP that explores the emotions of spending Christmas without your lover. It has five tracks that are heartbreak anthems, lover’s scorn, missing you melodies, Christmas blues, and sad love songs. The title means that Christmas is less than you, or that you are more important than Christmas.

“Christmas < U” shows the power of collaboration. It brings together R&B artists from different parts of Nigeria. They come from Lagos, Abuja, Benin, and the South. They have different styles and backgrounds, but they share a passion for R&B.

The EP starts with a track called ‘Matching Sweaters’. It is about the tradition of couples wearing matching sweaters for Christmas. The song is about the love and longing that you feel when you are alone on Christmas.

The second track is ‘Hope We See This Christmas’. It is about the changes in love over a year. It compares the past and the present. It is about wanting to see your lover again on Christmas.

The third track is ‘Without U’. It is about the pain and longing of being apart from your lover on Christmas. It is about questioning why your love has faded, remembering the good times, and feeling the emptiness. It is a sad and soulful song. It expresses the feeling that Christmas is not the same “without u.”. The fourth track is ‘Lifeline’. It is a Christmas blues song. It is about begging your partner not to leave you.

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The fifth track is ‘Hope We See This Christmas (Stripped)’. It is a stripped-down version of the second track. It is a more intimate and personal song. It shows the longing for a Christmas reunion.

This EP is a new and unique project in Nigerian music history. It is a collection of songs that will make you feel the emotions of Christmas without your lover. It is a Nigerian touch to the festive season.

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