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Yaadman FKA YUNG L Taps Sarkodie And Ice Prince For The Remix Of Hit Single ‘Vawulence’

Yaadman FKA YUNG L Taps Sarkodie And Ice Prince For The Remix Of Hit Single ‘Vawulence’

Yaadman, formerly known as Yung L, has masterfully curated the next chapter of his extraordinary journey in the music industry since his triumphant return in 2023. This remarkable journey includes the release of the chart-topping single “Vawulence,” the groundbreaking Yes Indeed project, and a significant transformation from Yung L to Yaadman. As we step into 2024, a new phase in his meteoric rise unfolds.

The stage is now set for an exhilarating remix of “Vawulence,” featuring the unparalleled talents of Ghana’s Sarkodie and Nigeria’s Ice Prince. This collaboration adds an electrifying dimension to an already sensational track, serving as a captivating prelude to Yaadman’s highly anticipated deluxe project scheduled for release this February.

According to Yaadman, “’Vawulence’ is more than a song; it’s an empowerment anthem that invokes a superhero-like strength. The track encapsulates his essence perfectly, reminding listeners never to underestimate someone based on appearances. It’s about embodying strength and humility, catching others off guard with pure authenticity and positive vibes.”

With the inclusion of Sarkodie and Ice Prince in the remix, Yaadman propels his creative expression to new heights. Their verses seamlessly elevate the infectious energy of “Vawulence” to unprecedented levels, promising an immersive musical experience.

Since his debut, Yaadman has been a consistent force in the music scene, seamlessly blending genres like rock, afrobeat, and dancehall. The 2020 EP, Juice and Zimm, showcased his growing prowess as a performer, with each track feeling like a heartfelt confession and igniting any party atmosphere. One standout from the EP, “Eve Bounce,” received a remix featuring Wizkid, amplifying its allure. Yaadman stands as a unique figure in the afro-fusion realm, effortlessly transitioning between afropop’s core elements and broader reggae influences.

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As part of the new wave reshaping West African music, Yaadman’s versatility and talent have earned him a special place in the genre’s gallery. The remix of “Vawulence” with Sarkodie and Ice Prince is undoubtedly a monumental step in his continued ascent, setting the tone for what promises to be an exceptional year in his musical journey.

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