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Tadéus Unveils Highly Anticipated Debut Self-Titled EP, Chronicling Six-Year Journey Of Growth and Expression

Tadéus Unveils Highly Anticipated Debut Self-Titled EP, Chronicling Six-Year Journey Of Growth and Expression

Rising artist and award-winning multimedia content creator, Tadéus, composed a poignant exploration of personal growth, love, anxiety, and happiness; all encapsulated within a diverse range of musical influences with his debut self-titled EP offering. The EP, a result of six years of dedication and introspection, offers listeners a profoundly personal and emotive experience, exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness.

“Crying, kicking and screaming out of excitement. Here I present my debut self-titled EP,Tadéus. I have worked with amazing creatives to make this possible and I absolutely cannot wait for people to experience it,” expresses Tadéus.

The EP opens with “Fall For You,” an introspective introduction that sets the tone for the journey ahead. It establishes a sense of vulnerability and honesty that permeates throughout the entire project.
“Think About You” ventures into the realm of South African house music, a genre close to Tadéus’s heart. With its nostalgic vibes reminiscent of the late 2000s and early 2010s, the track pays homage to his musical influences while showcasing his growth as an artist.
“All or Nuthin” delves into the complexities of relationships, exploring themes of reciprocity and validation. Tadéus confronts his fears and insecurities head-on, delivering raw and introspective lyrics of intimate resonance.
“Meu Amor” departs from the familiar as Tadéus experiments with singing in Portuguese over a backdrop of R&B-infused salsa rhythms. On the easygoing production, the song asks one’s love of their life to come dance with them and indulge in creating new memories.
The EP concludes with lead single “Happy (Smile),” a joyous ode to finding happiness amidst life’s challenges. Inspired by the admiration of his young relatives and the desire to be a positive role model, Tadéus coaxes positive vibrations on an uptempo beat to deliver a message of hope and resilience, inspiring his audience to choose happiness despite adversity.
With its rich blend of musical influences and heartfelt storytelling, Tadéus’s self-titled EP is set to take the local landscape by storm with its fresh approach to musicality. Be sure to request “Happy (Smile) or your favourite tune from your radio stations across the country and connect with Tadéus on social media for more music news.

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