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Merry-Lynn stuns with brand new single “London Bridge”

Merry-Lynn stuns with brand new single “London Bridge”

Super talented Abuja based singer Merry-Lynn shares her first offering of the year with new single titled ‘London Bridge’ which is set to feature on her forthcoming EP.

‘London bridge is a song about my alter ego’ she explains. ‘In the song, she’s signing out of a relationship that clearly isn’t working for her by seeing someone else and leaving, just having a great time and putting her self first and that includes her sexual needs as the lyrics “London bridge is falling down” signifies going down with the new man.’

The name of the song was inspired by Fergies ‘London Bridge’.

“every time you come around you make my London Bridge go down”.

I felt it was a less explicit way of expressing my emotions. I also like the fact that everyone can sing along to it. The singers last song ‘Runaway’ amassed over 100,000 streams across DSP’s.

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Lynn is focused on elevating the alternative music scene and culture through telling her stories. She’s building a strong fan base that recognise and appreciate her qualities as a musician. Her songs have depth and meaning, and her vocals are unmatched.


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