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Kotrell Releases Afrobeats and R&B Fused Single, ‘Proud Of You’

Kotrell Releases Afrobeats and R&B Fused Single, ‘Proud Of You’

In a melodic celebration of love and appreciation, rising Afro pop-soul sensation Kotrell releases new single, “Proud of You“, a fusion of Afrobeats and RnB, showcasing Kotrell’s unique ability to weave heartwarming lyrics and soothing melodies into a soul-lifting anthem.


“Proud of You” is an ode to love, where Kotrell eloquently and passionately showers his lover with praise, leaving no room for doubt about the depth of his admiration. The track transcends boundaries, offering a touching reminder to cherish and honor the special people in our lives.

Born Atonopriya Cotterell, Kotrell hails from the vibrant landscape of Rivers State, Nigeria. His voice exudes the richness of African soul and the allure of western pop, making him a standout artist in the Afro pop-soul genre. Kotrell is known for weaving captivating stories through his music, and “Proud of You” is no exception.

June 2023 marked a pivotal moment in Kotrell’s career with the release of his debut project, “Love is…,” a 6-track EP that transcends the boundaries of honesty, soulfulness, and emotional depth. Each track from the EP is a testament to Kotrell’s lyrical prowess and his ability to convey profound emotions through his music.

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“Proud of You” is cut from the same sonic fabric as “Love is…,” showcasing Kotrell’s dedication to the art of storytelling through music. As a singer/songwriter, performer, and recording artist, Kotrell is in a constant state of evolution, with an unwavering commitment to sharing his gift with the world.

Kotrell continues to tell the stories that truly matter to him through his soulful compositions. “Proud of You” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Have a listen.

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