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Full Full Condition 3 is a Sultry Blend of R&B from across Kenya and Uganda

Full Full Condition 3 is a Sultry Blend of R&B from across Kenya and Uganda

The Full Full Condition series is an attempt to bring us further out of the shade. It is a series of compilation albums featuring several up-and-coming artists from across East Africa and the diaspora. East African musicianship is vast as it is diverse. However, due to a lack of funding and infrastructure for the arts, the true breadth of the region’s talents has historically been underrepresented. Furthermore, when conversations are had and opportunities are doled out regarding the emergence of African music globally, too often East African voices are left out.

Full Full Condition

This third volume celebrates the flourishing RnB scenes of Nairobi and Kampala and the symbiotic relationship the cities’ musical communities share. Executive produced by prolific Ugandan producers La Soulchyld and Chxf Barry, tt is a sultry and soul-filled selection of songs from artists like Joshua Baraka, Maya Amolo, Zowie Kengocha, MAUIMØON, Andyah, Iyanah, Tai Dai, Kohen Jaycee, Lagum the Rapper, and Kinoti.

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