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Experience The Angst Of Modern Day Dating With Brum3h’s Latest Release

Experience The Angst Of Modern Day Dating With Brum3h’s Latest Release

Nigeria-based songwriter, artist, and producer Brum3h’s latest single “You Don’t Want Me” captures the essence of modern-day dating and relationships, painting a vivid picture of the highs and lows that come with chasing love.

“I wrote ‘You Don’t Want Me’ based on my own personal experience of feeling like I was too much for someone to handle. It’s a relatable situation that many people can find themselves in when someone can’t handle all that you are.”–Brum3h states on the inspiration behind the record.

In this deeply personal track, Brum3h draws on his own experiences to explore the frustration and angst of being in love with someone who cannot reciprocate those feelings. The lyrics are raw and honest, conveying the pain of being strung along by a love interest who constantly runs away from intimacy.


Produced by Brum3h and co-produced by Txmpl, “You Don’t Want Me” features a powerful melody that perfectly complements Brum3h’s soulful vocals. The track is a testament to Brum3h’s talent as a songwriter and performer, and his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level.

Listeners will undoubtedly relate to the raw emotions on display in “You Don’t Want Me”. The song captures the uncertainty and frustration that so often accompanies modern-day dating and relationships, leaving a lasting impression on all who hear it.

“You Don’t Want Me” is now available on all major music platforms, and Brum3h invites fans to experience the heart and soul of this emotional track.

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Listen to Brum3h’s “You Don’t Want Me” Here


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