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Album Notes: Elow.T

Album Notes: Elow.T

Pseudonymous producer/artist ELOW.T is constantly expanding the possibilities of what is possible in music production. His music is defined by a deep catalog of references, fused and reimagined in new and exciting ways.

ELOW.T doesn’t believe in the conventions of genre, and explores everything from futuristic EDM to beautiful ballads, imbuing them with layers of emotional depth. His sound is constantly evolving. It is an uncanny combination of organic, synthetic, and abstract textures – pushing genres of music and production techniques to their limits and experimenting with various tools ranging from traditional acoustic instruments to modern-day synthesizers, which creates a unique soundscape which anybody can connect to regardless of culture or nationality. Of Nigerian descent and repping Lagos and Benin, ELOW.T draws inspiration for his music from his travels, and reimagines African folk music, art and culture for a global audience.

Track 1: Ekolowa featuring Seun Kuti, Vector, Falz and She’s the moon

ELOW.T pays homage to Lagos, the epicenter of Nigeria’s cultural renaissance in the opening track of the new EP. To do justice to the city’s chameleonic nature, Seun Kuti melds Afrobeats with Amapiano while ‘Moon on Earth’ provides a killer hook. ELOW.T taps two of the country’s most respected cultural icons to distill the essence of the city and into three explosive minutes of storytelling, layered with boasty metaphors and triple entendres that set the tone for the rest of
the EP.

Track 2: EBM feat Ayanfe

EBM leans heavily into the Afropiano trend that has taken the country by storm, merging log drums with heavy percussions and gloomy synths that swell around the punchy verses by rising Afropop sensation, Ayanfe, that chronicle and exhilarating but ultimately tragic love with a femme fatale. The effect is cathartic, urging the listener to leave it all on the dance floor.

Track 3: Lagos Night feat Sisimotara

Smack in the middle of the EP, Lagos Night is a slower, more deliberate ditty that shifts the vibe of the EP from the frenzy of Afropop into the more sensual strains of dance pop and EDM. Heavy guitar work accompanies the song’s guest vocalist, SisiMotara who really flexes her range, switching between smoky vocals, a quick fire rap verse and assured spoken word interludes, as she lures the listener into the vice and debauchery of a Lagos night out.

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Track 4: Wait for you feat Kevwe

One would be forgiven for mistaking Wait For You, the fourth song _ as just another generic Amapiano track. But in ELOW.T’s hands, the basic log drum loop, now instantly recognisable to fans of the genre, is transformed by layered choral chants, punchy synths and longing horn solos into a wall of sound, building as each element is introduced. The beat pulses as guest artist Kevwe takes the reins, her crisp vocals heavy with angst as he sings about love and loss and ultimately choosing self over unrequited desire.

Track 5: Anita Feat Rukmani

Rukmani made a splash with her EP Angel On The Run earlier in the year and on Anita, she shows she’s as versatile as she is talented. She switches things up and dominates the beat, keeping up with ELOW.T’s up tempo production as she packs line after line of pithy quips taunting a beau who can seem to make up his mind into the song’s tight two minute run-time, never letting up from the first beat drop to the last four count.

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