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Zilla Oaks Unveils Energetic Single “CAZZZZANOVA”

Zilla Oaks Unveils Energetic Single “CAZZZZANOVA”

Zilla Oaks, the dynamic force in Nigeria’s rap scene, is set to capture his audiences once again with his latest single, “CAZZZZANOVA.” Known for his alternative Nigerian rap style, Oaks brings a mix of energy, bravado, and sheer fun to the table in this new release. Following the success of his recent single “Gundown,” which showcased Oaks’ signature flow and cadence, “CAZZZZANOVA” promises to be another infectious anthem. Embracing a more lighthearted approach, He isn’t aiming for deep introspection here; instead, he’s inviting listeners to join him in a celebration of Candace and style.

With “CAZZZZANOVA,” Zilla Oaks delivers a track that exudes confidence and charisma. The song is a testament to his ability to command attention with his lyrical prowess and infectious energy. From start to finish, listeners are treated to a showcase of Zilla’s ‘ distinctive flow and unmatched delivery.

Speaking about the single, Zilla Oaks shared; “I wanted to create a track that showcases and captures my range as an artist, when I make music, I embody a persona and for songs like  ‘CAZZZZANOVA.’ I channel a persona called “Yung Z” Since I dropped “Fresh like Z” and “Bank Alert”  From my two pack EP “Z pack” I have been channeling  Yung Z”.  Zilla has mastered an approach to this newly adapted genres, and also stated that He Is still rapping  just on a catchy beat. 

Zilla expresses that a noteworthy essence of who he is as an artist  is someone who loves to have fun, do things his way and isn’t afraid to step up to a Challenge. He says ‘CAZZZZANOVA’ is all about embracing that energy and sharing it with his fans and supporters.

While “CAZZZZANOVA” may be a departure from Zilla’s usual hardcore rap style, fans can rest assured that he has something special in store for them on his upcoming single .

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