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Zanib Releases a Visual Experience for “Catch Me If You Can”

Zanib Releases a Visual Experience for “Catch Me If You Can”

Zanib Unleashes an Empowering Message of Resilience and Freedom in Her Bilingual Music Video, “Catch Me If You Can

Zanib, the international Afro-Nubian vocalist and violinist, is captivating audiences with the release of her powerful new bilingual music video, “Catch Me If You Can.” In a world where boundaries and limitations seek to stifle change, viewers are propelled into a thrilling journey of determination. With her soulful and energized vocals along with skillful violin compositions, Zanib defies expectations, breaking through barriers and inspiring others to follow suit.


Written in Arabic and English, “Catch Me If You Can” represents Zanib’s fusion of cultural influences and her ability to connect with diverse audiences. The bilingual lyrics effortlessly intertwine, emphasizing the universal power of music to transcend borders worldwide.

Set in a world where the pursuit of change meets resistance, “Catch Me If You Can” takes viewers on a thrilling chase, embodying the spirit of defiance against those who seek to suppress progress. The video introduces viewers to the transformative movement called Freedom Waves, a brand and platform that transcends barriers, inspiring individuals to harness their passion, vision, action, and intention to live their ultimate purpose.

Watch Zanib’s “Catch Me If You Can” visuals
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