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Una Rams releases “Hold Me When It’s Cold: The Cuddle Pack”

Una Rams releases “Hold Me When It’s Cold: The Cuddle Pack”

Una Rams

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be whisked away on a melodic voyage, where emotions are the compass, and the destination is the heart. Una Rams, the sorcerer of soundscapes, the alchemist of feelings, the connoisseur of rhythm, stands before you with his masterpiece: “Hold Me When It’s Cold: The Cuddle Pack.

Una Rams
Una Rams

This is not just a mixtape; it’s an audio universe, a time capsule, and a love letter to R&B’s most cherished moments. As Pr!nce, the suave maestro, Una Rams invites you to don your velvet robe of memories and embark on a journey to the golden era of R&B.
In the realm of “Hold Me When It’s Cold,” the 2000s come alive once again. Una Rams is your guide, leading you through the labyrinth of emotions, where every track is a chapter in the book of love. Nostalgia isn’t just a guest; it’s a resident here, painting the walls with hues of sweet reminiscence.
This mixtape is not just a collection of songs; it’s an anthology of emotions. Each note, each lyric, is a brushstroke in Una Rams’ sonic masterpiece, rendering love, longing, and life in vivid detail. The music is a warm embrace, inviting you to dive deep into the warm waters of soulful melodies.
“2AM,” the sweet ballad that opens the journey, is the result of a beautiful accident. Una Rams discovered Sandile M on TikTok, and in a whirlwind of creative frenzy, a masterpiece was born. It’s a bold declaration of warmth and connection, setting the tone for what’s to come.
“SOS,” short for ‘Sex On Sunday,’ is an electrifying dance of sensuality and emotion. Una Rams, along with Mikhalé Jones, crafts a sonic elixir that lingers long after the last note fades. Love is heightened, and it’s an experience in high definition.
“Body Party” takes the energy up a notch, driven by the outer-worldly influence of Timbaland’s sonic wizardry. Energetic and flirtatious, it feels like the crescendo of a party dedicated to love. “Bebe,” inspired by C-Tea’s term of endearment for his wife, is a journey through R&B bliss. Its creation was a tumultuous ride, but like all great tales, it has a happy ending. Tondi Rams’ enchanting piano melody and Una Rams’ artistry brought it to life.
“Possessed by an all-consuming beat, ‘Pull Up’ ushers in what might be the greatest outro of all time. Ammo Moses, with his soulful vocals, beckons us into a realm of fearless creativity, where Una Rams takes inspiration from his South African roots and infuses the spiritual chanting of his grandparents for a spellbinding sonic journey.
This mixtape isn’t just music; it’s a spellbinding experience, an ode to love and life, a testament to R&B’s enduring magic. Una Rams has raised the bar for the genre with “Hold Me When It’s Cold: The Cuddle Pack.” It’s not just a mixtape; it’s an invitation to surrender to the timeless magic of R&B.

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