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Chidozie Okueme Anthony, better known as Tush, is an upcoming independent Nigerian artist from Abia state. He was born and started his early life in Lagos, and his family later moved to Enugu where he attended primary and secondary school. He is an alumnus of Godfrey Okoye University (GOU). After graduating from college, Tush began freestyling and learning music production.

He has previously released a number of songs and is still finding his sound. He is also still in the process of understanding himself as an artist and is ready to make a proper debut into the Nigerian music scene, a debut which he hopes would catapult him into mainstream fame, as well as give him the courage to create and release better songs professionally. His six-year journey in this foray of the music world has led him to this point in his career.

I recently caught up with him, and all through our conversation he speaks with certainty about how he’s on his way to achieving something great. While he is a dreamer and a lover boy, Tush is fully dedicated to his craft. 

Tush’s Portrait

Hello Tush, for someone who is just discovering you and your sound how will you describe yourself?

Hi Fechi… My name is Tush and I’m a singer, songwriter and producer. 

I come from the east from a family of 6. We’re a close-knit unit. 

I discovered I had a passion for music in 2016 into 2017 and then I started freestyling and then learnt production. This then led to me releasing some singles and finetuning my sound and craft.

That’s great. In making music so far, who can you cite as your biggest musical influence and why?

Currently I would say that Wizkid is my biggest musical influence. His dedication to his craft over time and his talent and hard work

You have been making a type of music that fits into a theme, how did you discover your sound?

I’d depict my music as a combination of Afro Fusion and Trap. My songs are mostly inspired by personal experiences and the understanding of the need to create relatable music. Music is nothing without people who can relate to it.

What inspired you to fuse Afrobeats with Trap?

One of the things that distinguish me, as I already stated, is my style. I always work to provide a distinct sound. Also, when I think of how I want my music to sound and be received. I attempt to incorporate all of the different components that make me, me while also keeping it relatable for everyone who hears it. 

Since you’ve begun making music, you’ve have an incredible run of experimentations, how has that journey been for you so far?

As an independent artist, finding my sound and a niche was super important to me. It’s definitely a process but I think the hack for me is just staying on my grind, making sure I put in the time and effort I need to get the results I want. At some point, I had to take a break from putting out music to learn more and grow as an artist so I can produce the best version of my own music.

Hmm, that sounds interesting. What do you enjoy most about being an artiste?

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I love making music. When I am able to put pen to paper and those ideas become a song and I get feedback about it, I am overjoyed. 

Let’s talk about you now, what inspires your brand?

Generally, I’m just a happy go lucky guy. Or rather, I’d call myself a very bad good boy who is also a lover boy, who might also be a heartbreaker. 

Your recent single “Holiday”, can you tell us the creative process behind it?

The song was written from scratch in about 6 hours. I wanted to create a vibe that people could relate to and really enjoy. It’s a vibe for lovers and friends and it’s the first singe off my self-titled EP that will be released later this year

What should we be expecting from the rest of the year?

As soon as I release the video for “Holiday”, I’ll follow it up with the official announcement for my forthcoming EP – TUSH.

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