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Turunesh Describes Coco Marijuana As a Piece of Renaissance art…

Turunesh Describes Coco Marijuana As a Piece of Renaissance art…

It was a deeper reason to connect again with the silky vocal texture that is associated with Turunesh when she released Satin Cassette, her sophomore studio album. The project has so far created more means through which the East-African singer expresses herself through live performances and visuals; the last of which is Coco Marijuana.

The visuals for Coco Marijuana portrays semblances and elements of a collective spiritual experience through ecstacy. It presents, aesthetically the possession of divinity in true rawness, doing so with covert movements within the blend of silver-toned colours. In its maximal and summary essence, the video is about the ritual, high and pleasures music brings. It enhances a spirit of intimacy with oneself through moments-in-screen of self-controlling nakedness.

Turunesh describes Coco Marijuana as a piece of renaissance art that embodies her ideals of afro-futurism and ancient reverence.


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