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TOMS Launch and Fashion Show has Finally Arrived!

TOMS Launch and Fashion Show has Finally Arrived!


Wear TOMS. Wear Good.

The local fashion industry is buzzing with anticipation as TOMS, the iconic footwear and apparel brand, prepares to make its grand entrance into the vibrant Nigerian fashion scene. On the 2nd of October 2023,  In2Africa DistributionGARMSPOTand TOMS, will host an exclusive fashion show for the Brand Launch in Nigeria, showcasing the collection and celebrating a fusion of international style with the creativity of local Nigerian designers.

TOMS, renowned for its commitment to both fashion and social responsibility, is set to captivate the hearts of fashion enthusiasts across Nigeria. Since day one, TOMS has been on a mission to do good. How? Good question. When you buy TOMS, you help fund access to mental health resources for millions of people who need them. So wear what you value. Wear comfort. Wear your style. Wear it proud. Now, Nigerians can be a part of this meaningful journey.

The event promises to be a spectacle of fashion, culture, and collaboration. Local designers, known for their distinctive aesthetics and cultural influences will join hands with TOMS, to create a one-of-a-kind fashion experience. From traditional Nigerian attire to contemporary urban styles, the runway will come alive with diversity and creativity.

This event will be hosted by one of Nigeria’s finest actor and media personalities, Emmannuel Tayemsan and to be co hosted by Ebun Dosumu, an award winning TV presenter. 

Other illustrious personalities to be present at the event includes, Tobe Ugeh(TobeSzn), Kamsi Nnaman , Do2tun, Noble Igwe amongst many  others . With special attendance from Adenike Oyetunde , the founder of Amputees United Initiative and performance from the Dream Catchers Academy kids, the TOMS launch event in Nigeria promises to be highly intriguing. 

The event will take place at 2pm at The Hook Bar in Victoria Island, Lagos, a city known for its thriving fashion scene and creative spirit. The event promises not only a spectacular runway show but also live music, art installations, and more. The fusion of fashion, music, and art will create a sensory experience like no other.

“We see this event as a celebration of culture, style, and unity. “Nigeria has a rich heritage of fashion, and we are here to embrace it. We invite everyone to join us on this journey and be a part of something truly special.” Says Jared Hartman, Head of marketing from In2africa Distribution.

The TOMS fashion show is not just about showcasing the amazing TOMS collection; it’s a celebration of fashion with a purpose. TOMS remains committed to its mission of creating a better tomorrow through responsible business practices. The brand’s dedication to sustainability and social impact aligns perfectly with the values of the Nigerian fashion community.

As the 2nd of October draws near, excitement is building across Nigeria. Fashion enthusiasts, designers, and influencers are eagerly awaiting this unforgettable event. TOMS is set to make a lasting impression on the Nigerian fashion scene, and the world will be watching.

Some prominent guests in attendance

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