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Tomilola Explores Betrayal and Triumph in Emotional Single, “Watch Me”

Tomilola Explores Betrayal and Triumph in Emotional Single, “Watch Me”


Acclaimed artist Tomilola is set to release her highly anticipated single “Watch Me,” featuring the rap prowess of Nigerian American artist Shalom Dubas. Produced by the talented Tim Lyre, “Watch Me” is a powerful and emotive track that delves into the complex emotions of betrayal, hurt, and the determination to overcome adversity.

Tomilola & Shalom Dubas

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, Tomilola pours her heart into the song’s poignant lyrics, encapsulating the feelings of abandonment and anger that often accompany betrayal. The chorus, “Where did you go? You said you’d be there didn’t you, care didn’t you? To hell with you,” resonates with anyone who has faced broken promises and deceit.

“Watch Me” goes beyond venting frustrations; it’s a testament to resilience and empowerment. Tomilola transforms pain into motivation, expressing her determination to emerge victorious from the turmoil. The song captures her journey of self-discovery and finding her own path, fueled by the very pain that once threatened to break her spirit.

Adding a distinctive layer to the track is the collaboration with Nigerian American rapper Shalom Dubas. Her smooth delivery and insightful verses complement Tomilola’s emotional narrative. Dubas brings a fresh perspective to the song, weaving in heartbreak references and clever basketball analogies that create a unique synergy between the artists.

The melody and groove of “Watch Me” ensure that listeners are not only captivated by the emotions conveyed but also engrossed in the infectious rhythm. The song is a testament to Tomilola’s growth as an artist, as she continues to explore new depths of creativity and emotional storytelling.

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“Watch Me” is slated for release on all major streaming platforms on September 20th. Prepare to embark on an emotional journey of betrayal, empowerment, and triumph with Tomilola and the compelling collaboration with Shalom Dubas. 

Listen to Tomilola’s ‘Watch Me’ with Shalom Dubas

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