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Timi Dakolo Releases “Men of the South” Ahead of The Chorus Leader Album

Timi Dakolo Releases “Men of the South” Ahead of The Chorus Leader Album

Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter Timi Dakolo releases his latest single, ‘Men of the South’, ahead of his highly anticipated third studio album, The Chorus Leader. Produced by Masterkraft, “Men of the South” is an anthem celebrating the extravagance of people from southern Nigeria and honouring and celebrating their rich cultural heritage and resilience. 

Timi Dakolo, a native of Bayelsa State in Southern Nigeria, uses his music to pay homage to unique wealth, tenacity, and cultural legacy of southern Nigeria. “Men of the South” encapsulates the vibrancy, history, and pride of the Southern part of Nigeria, highlighting its contributions to the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria. 

Through his soulful vocals and poignant lyrics, Timi Dakolo takes listeners on a musical journey that celebrates the essence of the Southern Nigerian populace. In discussing the inspiration behind the song, Timi Dakolo shared, “Southern Nigeria is a treasure trove of culture, resilience, and pride. ‘Men of the South’ is my tribute to the remarkable people of the South and their rich heritage, emphasizing their valuable contributions to our nation.”

As an artist known for his ability to connect with audiences through his heartfelt music, Timi Dakolo’s “Men of the South” promises to resonate deeply with listeners, evoking a sense of pride and celebration for the Southern Nigerian heritage. Men of the South laces strong African rhythmic melodies and harmony.

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You can listen to “Men of the South” on all streaming platforms.

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