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The “Indie Vibe House Party” gets set for it’s First Edition!

The “Indie Vibe House Party” gets set for it’s First Edition!

On the 4th of July, 2022, Entertainment and Media Consulting firm 730 Multimedia announced the launch of the first edition of “Indie Vibe House Party (IVHP)”.

Indie Vibe House Party will foster collaborations that will aid the growth of the Indie music ecosystem. According to the company, the platform will allow independent and emerging musicians to establish their brands and engage with followers through exclusive music gatherings. The first edition will take place in Lagos on the 19th of August, 2022, and will be hosted by Excel Joab, a well-respected music industry executive.
The inaugural Indie Vibe House Party will feature an impressive lineup of musical talent, including Mavin Records’ latest signee Boy Spyce, singer Maka, emerging rapper BarelyAnyHook, and singer/songwriter Svdney. This lineup will be supported by other indie musicians who have been carefully selected to provide guests with the experience of listening to music in a catered and well laid-back setting.

You can purchase your tickets to the party here .

Thousands of emerging artists in Nigeria are constantly struggling to find platforms and opportunities to monetize their work and build a fan base. For independent musicians in Nigeria, discovery continues to be a major challenge. Not only do they lack the financial means to reach more listeners, but they also rarely have the brand recognition necessary to attract corporate brands with the resources to support marketing initiatives. Here are the words of Nathalie Wemambu, Founder of 730 Multimedia, on these issues and the company’s approach to resolving them:

“I have seen the incredible lengths independent musicians would go to reach their listeners and the innovative ways they promote their brands to increase market share. For instance, Lady Donli initiated “The Living Room Tour” several years ago to bring her music into people’s homes. These things inspire me and have filled me with a passion for doing more to support the ecosystem.

Our vision to help emerging artists with discovery is a major reason we have created the Indie House Vibe Party. The intimate parties will feature performances led by largely independent Nigerian music artists. They will hold in residential-style buildings mirroring the warmth of home celebrations with great food and drinks.

We believe IVHP will give a platform to relatively unknown artists who want to share their music with existing fans and others who are looking to discover new music. For acts who have come to expect to perform free at events, we want to support them with what we can and show them that they are worthy, and their dreams are valid in the music space.”

Leading up to the Indie Vibe House Party in August, a series of activities such as virtual town halls and feedback sessions will be held to foster collaboration and drive impactful conversations that are expected to bring a sense of community to the independent music ecosystem.

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About 730 Multimedia Consultancy

730 Multimedia Consultancy provides brand, business, entertainment advisory services, and policy development for the Nigerian music industry. Since 2020 when it was founded, 730 Multimedia has supported the careers of various indie music talents looking to grow their brands by giving them opportunities to collaborate with brands and organizations looking to leverage entertainment to achieve their goals.

The Indie Vibe House Party by 730 is a lifestyle platform that will give indie and emerging artists a stage to show off their skills while giving brands a way to engage with consumers through pop culture.

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