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Teddy Heats Up Valentine’s Day With His New Single “Ndimasangalala”

Teddy Heats Up Valentine’s Day With His New Single “Ndimasangalala”

Malawian R&B/Pop sensation Teddy announces the release of his brand new single, “Ndimasangalala“. This comes through as Teddy’s first installment of the year after the release of his previous debut album, “MAKADI” in October last year.

“Ndimasangalala” breaks the silence of the R&B crooner’s short recent hiatus, and shows a continuation of the artist’s rapidly growing music career, serving up as something fresh to light up the mood for this year’s Valentine’s season.

“Ndimasangalala” first premiered on MBC Radio 2 FM’s hit radio show ‘Made On Monday’ before later being uploaded online onto other streaming platforms.

Talking about his new single, Teddy described it as a celebration of love, that has been experienced by a loved that has been lost. “It emphasizes and illuminates on the memories, joy, and peace that comes with knowing that you shared a part of their life or they shared a part of their life with you and just thanking them for letting you in to be part of it”.

“I thought it was ideal for me to drop the song on Valentine’s, especially for people who lost their loved ones or wish they could be here so they could enjoy Valentine’s together, but didn’t or do not actually have the opportunity to do so”.

He added: “As an artist, this song helped me realize how in times of celebration we really just look at what is available and not look at what is not available. So in this way, it’s just a way of being able to celebrate others and not only focus on what is there but also on what you once had before”.

Teddy Maliza, known by his stage name Teddy is a Malawian singer, and songwriter. He started making music professionally in 2010 when he joined a gospel music group called BBM Clique with fellow musicians Bucci, KeiM, Armstrong (now Onesimus), AyKay, Gingy, and Robert. After going solo, Teddy released his first single in 2014 titled, “Nkhawa Bii” which introduced his sound to the worldwide audience and entertainment scene.

Teddy released his debut EP titled “Aye” in 2020 and in 2021 he released “Mtima” which some people say is a continuation of “Nkhawa Bii”, it took the R&B scene by storm in Malawi and brought Teddy full circle as a key musician to the future of the Malawian sound.

Defined for his impressive lyrics and love vocals, Teddy has over time managed to stay relevant, becoming one of the country’s most prominent R&B and Pop artists of the urban music industry and being recognized alongside other fellow musicians like Kell Kay, Bucci, Kelvin Sings, and Tuno among others.

Steady growing to become a well-established artist, Teddy has learned and crafted his skills as both a singer, songwriter and producer. Relying on his musical skills, he has been able to diversify from showing off his skills as a well-rounded performer and producer.

In his career, Teddy has also managed to have a hand in co-writing and producing songs for other acts such as; “Attitude” by Sonyezo, “21” by Tay Grin, and the hit song “Tola” by Tay Grin featuring Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee.

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Although not seen as the one to make a buzz, constantly putting out projects, Teddy tries to stay active with his fans where he can. If it’s not performing on stage, then it’s engaging with them through social media while having direct talks with them in other related discussions.

Whether it’s dropping singles or featuring on other people’s projects, Teddy is making sure to leave fingerprints wherever he treads, getting his recognition on the international map in the best way possible.

A list of Teddy’s other projects also includes “Yehova”, “Follow Me” (ft. Eli Njuch), “Mwana”, and “Give Up On Me” just to name a few.

The song was recorded at Homeland City Entertainment and produced and mixed and mastered by Ze Fiasto.

Listen to Teddy’s “Ndimasangalala” Here

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