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SVN Entertainment Takes Centre Stage As They Unleash “Pablo Freestyle”

SVN Entertainment Takes Centre Stage As They Unleash “Pablo Freestyle”

Afrobeat, a genre of music that has been gaining recognition worldwide, has given rise to several variations including Afro-pop, Afro-hip-hop, Afro-rock, and Afro-jazz. SVN Entertainment, an entertainment collective, is pushing the canvas of Afrobeats to every corner of the world with its art and music.

The collective is proud to announce the release of “Pablo Freestyle,” a new wave of Afrobeat that combines different elements of stardom, starring artists Azanti (Nathan Otekalu-Aje), Yvng Chriis (Somto Ukomadu), Zaiam (Hamza Liman), and SVN Entertainment. These artists are notable for their expert lyrics in the genre of Afropop and have won the hearts of many music lovers in the past year.

Produced by By_tj, “Pablo Freestyle” is a vivid display of the artists’ ingenuity and how they are able to blend their styles and create a hit single. The track slides through the West African groove with its hard-hitting beat and unique style that will have you nodding to the melody. For fans of collaborations, this freestyle is a pool of the best verses and serves up artist after artist.

Azanti (Nathan Otekalu-Aje) is a Nigerian-born artist who has taken the music scene by storm with his unmatched dancehall-meets-Afrobeat sound. At only 18 years old, this “boy wonder” is already making history with his outstanding hits that have captured the attention of many in the entertainment industry. He brings his ethereal soul-cutting vocals and catchy flows to “Pablo Freestyle.”

Zaiam (Hamza Liman) is a Lagos-born, Canadian-based Afro-fusion artist with an impressive resume featuring multiple appearances and opening for artists such as LAX. He is an emerging world star and a great performer, and his involvement in “Pablo Freestyle” with SVN entertainment shines his style for the world to see.

Yvng Chriis (Somto Ukomadu) is a musical force from Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria. With his outstanding persona, he made his music debut in 2018 with the album “Purple Vibes,” followed by several other singles. As an artist, he is able to make his own beats and has also helped many other artists in the business. His involvement in “Pablo Freestyle” with SVN entertainment is not just a one-hit wonder but is bound to grow into a movement that will take the music world by storm.

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“Pablo Freestyle” is one you can’t miss. Get ready to experience the genre-defining sounds of Afrobeat like never before.

Listen to “Pablo Freestyle” Here

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