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Sun-kissed Poet, Moyosola Olowokure Releases “Sex is a kind of death”

Sun-kissed Poet, Moyosola Olowokure Releases “Sex is a kind of death”

Moyosola Olowokure

Moyosola Olowokure, Nigerian Poet and Digital Creator makes her debut into the world of recorded music with the release of ‘Sex is a kind of death’ (SIAKOD). In it, she fuses music and poetry to give her listeners just enough to keep them satisfied as they eagerly await the release of her debut poetry EP: ‘Dirt and Divinity’. 

Moyosola Ol
Moyosola Olowokure

Moyosola’s deep symbolism and intricate delivery shine as she explores the scintillating topics of sex and self-sacrifice with a twist. Her rich vocals are complemented by piano, soft whispers, and warm synth. The result of this blend is SIAKOD;  a stunning appraisal of the aches and pleasures often experienced in the search for true love. The track inspects the injury of heartbreak and the beauty of finally getting it right. Each verse is a precious gem to be treasured as it is a testament to her excellent penmanship and carefully layered metaphors. Her poetry makes a masterpiece of bitter truths, sensual experiences, and hopeful resolutions to try again. 

Moyosola has laid claims to the genre “Spiritual Poetry” and it shows in this track. To Moyosola, sex is more than a carnal activity; it is a symbol of the sacrosanct relationship between God and man. She leads listeners on a riveting journey to this profound truth in a way that leaves them thoroughly refreshed. Beyond its romantic feel, the poem expresses the sanctity of sex, the holiness of the human body, and a charge to stay the course of one man; one woman as we also stay the course of one man; one God. Whether listened to as purely love poetry or an oracle; this piercing ensemble is indeed a bold greeting to the world of music. Remarking on the debut single, Moyosola said:

SIAKOD is a declaration of my belonging to my one true love—God, who is Love.”

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After a few years of tending to a rapidly expanding online community, The young poet first performed the single at an open mic at Ouida Lagos. The stellar performance led to a chain of recognition by listeners and literary greats alike. She has been commended as ‘an absolute pleasure to listen to’ by Lola Shoneyin and ‘absolutely amazing’ by Jemima Osunde. As she continues to flourish as an artist, her listeners have much to expect. Her arrival announces a new era of African creativity and the fusion of creative mediums. We cannot wait to see what more she has in store.

Listen to Moyosola Olowokure SIAKOD

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