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Suffix Returns With The Release Of His New Single “Mutani”

Suffix Returns With The Release Of His New Single “Mutani”

Award-winning Gospel rapper, Suffix ends long-year hiatus with the release of his brand new single “Mutani”.

Taking to social media, the rapper announced the release of his new song on Friday 24th February by posting the official date of release together with the project artwork of his new project.

“27 | 02 | 2023 


 M U T A N I” – Suffix wrote on his Facebook page

Making a promise to his fans, the rapper had also clearly indicated that his next post would be a new song.

“My next post will be a New Song” he posted.

“Mutani” first premiered on MBC Radio 2 FM’s hit radio show ‘Made On Monday’ hosted by Joy Nathu before later hitting the streaming platforms for fans and public consumption.

As a way of engaging with people the new song addresses the political rights and issues faced by today’s community in Africa, and Malawi to be specific. Already sparking frenzy through social media, the new song has been described as a “thought-provoking” song, and to his reaction, the rapper said that he would not be surprised if it gets people talking as this is exactly what he expects.

“I have my own way of addressing issues and sparking conversation and provoking thoughts as a people. I knew there will be three schools of thoughts: some will understand by just watching the video, some will understand by just listening to it, some would think this is a turn up song and that Suffix has started circular. That’s what’s happening on social media, especially Facebook,” Suffix explained.

“Mutani” is a song that describes how people in power (government) are able to influence others and by the use of their power in position are able to control the system and in the process limit the freedom of other people.

“I want those who are too poor to think and say no, we need to take these politicians to task over our taxes,” the rapper said.

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As a rapper who is dedicated to addressing real-life problems, Suffix shows a genuine representation of this through his new song “Mutani”.

Aubrey Ghambi, popularly known by his stage name Suffix is a Blantyre-based Hip-Hop artist from Malawi. Sticking close to his roots the rapper has well independently grown to become one of the many celebrated icons known for carrying and lifting the Malawian flag to the international scene within the music industry.

Apart from having one solo mixtape titled D.O.S (Death of Secular), and two studio albums namely “Before I Sleep”, and “To Whom It May Concern” under his belt, Suffix also bagged an award for Africa-Based Artist of The Year (2021) for, beating Limoblaze, Angeloh, Rehmahz, Drakare, and Spillz-Ochai making him the first Malawian musician to be featured on the online Christian magazine music platform.

As a chart-topping artist, he has one solo mixtape titled D.O.S (Death of Secular) and produced other hit singles including “Misozi”, “Yobwata”, “Tili Mom’mo”, “Tayaka”, “Kutali” (ft. Pompi), and D.Y.M. just to name a few.

Listen to Suffix’s “Mutani” Here

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