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Sobertapes Releases Debut E.P, “Genshi”

Sobertapes Releases Debut E.P, “Genshi”

Genshi” by Sobertapes is the artists’ debut ep. Initially released on soundcloud, Tapes decided to remake and re-engineer his initial project to make it sound more to their liking.

Born Shammah Akindejoye, Tapes grew up in the suburban parts of Surulere, Lagos. An area where he survived off of listening to artists like Ozzy b, Outkast, Odd Future and Kanye West, with a host of others to distract him from the harsh realities of growing up in the Motherland.

“Genshi” follows the story of the original child and his pursuits in his motherland. Filled with intense drums, horror-core alternative rap and hyper pop production, tapes accompanies his fast track beats with heavy 808s and a futuristic yet almost silky tone to keep listeners in a state of trance or illusion.

Tapes unique way of writing and lyricism has definitely carved a way for him to reach the hearts of many listeners.

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Tapes sails with utmost confidence and calls out everyone with doubt to come forth and kill their ego. “Genshi” is a testament to the power of rebirth and parts a way to a new life.

Listen to Sobertape’s E.P. “Genshi” Here

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