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Snazzy the Optimist Releases “Seluna”

Snazzy the Optimist Releases “Seluna”

Snazzy the Optimist Releases "Seluna"

Snazzy the Optimist’s Releases “Seluna” makes you want to listen

Snazzy the Optimist is a Nigerian-South African singer, rapper, songwriter and performer based in Edmonton, Canada. In his art creation, he carefully weaves fine vocals, soothing riffs and Africa’s soul into his music — creating vibes that are ear-friendly with amazing replay value.

Born Michael Chimeruche Alozie, the 21-year-old vocalist and a self-taught guitarist has been making music since he was 11-year old but started his musical journey professionally in 2015, he started off solely as a rapper at a very young age and later developed more dynamic artistry that allows him to perfectly swing between different genres such as R&B soul, Afro-pop and express the extent of his versatility. The talented artist has created so many sounds that are yet to be released.

We got to know the talented artist a little better years ago when he caught the attention of former South African president, Jacob Zuma. Snazzy positively returns with “Seluna” the long-awaited single off his forthcoming album, from the beginning of the song, Snazzy the Optimist authenticity shines through as he provides honest, raw vocals over the top of energetic instrumentation.

The hook “Can never get enough of you!!” His voice soars effortlessly as gleaming pop sounds ring out beneath him, showing off his artistry power and providing a bed of sonic layers that is dense and intriguing.

Overall, “Seluna” is a romantic love committed story where the storyteller, Snazzy the Optimist expressed himself, his feelings, pain and future wishes for his love life. It showcases his sharp focus as a songwriter, it is evident that he was thoughtful in constructing a song that pairs futurism with relatability, while effectively capturing the heart of lovers.

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More is soon to come from this pairing, as he demonstrates creativity, honesty, commitment, and astute songwriting on this offering. Snazzy the Optimist

Listen to SELUNA by Snazzy

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