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From the Southside of Nigeria, Seddy as an artiste believes as much in one’s culture and history as much as she believes in the wealthy plethora of futurism. Seddy, having spent a good part of her still young life being educated both in the academics and as a student of life, searches for ways to chase and relive her feelings and life experiences, and for her, the best way to do this is through music.

In this exclusive Spotlight interview with DrummrAfrica, Seddy shares her experiences, creative process and talks dreamingly about her relationship with herself and other creatives.

Seddy photographed by Life of Dambo

Tell me about Seddy and what you do

Seddy, is an Artiste. Seddy is Multi-faceted. A south south woman from Nigeria. I listen to a lot of Music from different cultures in different Languages. I am a genre bender, I call myself the supreme, because there is none like me. My style and versatility makes me unique.

I started dabbling in making music officially 2015 when I featured my friend GJTheCaesar song called ‘StandStill’ and they were a group at the time called RetroRevo.

I stopped music for a while to get 2 law degrees and do the whole honorary society, working at F500 when I lived studied and worked in England and Miami respectively.

After a while in the corporate world when I saw that I wasn’t happy, I decided to give music another shot and release my first single ‘Like Me’ featuring howdidjesse. I then moved back to Nigeria for NYSC and it’s the same thing. It’s basically music all the way for Seddy.

Wow, your life’s journey has been quite a long one, and you still are on it – what particularly strikes me the most is the fact that you’ve spent a lot of time learning within four walls; which means that asides this jovial, happy, creative Seddy there’s an intellectual Seddy.

Yerp, there is Intellectual Seddy (laughs)

Out of the scope of this interview would you like to tell more about that Seddy?

Intellectual Seddy dey (laughs), if you want to know, book appointment.

Alright, back to the programme, I actually listened to and fell in love with ‘Like Me’

Thank you, fun fact, ‘Like Me’ was meant to be a cover to a song called ‘Got Me’. But when Jesse heard it he wouldn’t let me drop it as a cover. He made the beat and asked if I liked it and boom.

What was it like working with Jesse on the song?

Jesse is amazing to work with, he is very very smart, very talented and he encourages me a lot. Even when I wanna dead some ideas, he wouldn’t let it. Jesse is amazing. Thankful for him.

I guess you’re using this medium to send your shoutouts to Him which is cool. Another amazing song of yours is ‘Feel Right’ What was it like working on ‘Feel Right’?

I loved it.

Mann! Feel right was brave, working on feel right I needed bravery. To be able to express how I really felt. Doz and Feni were amazing to work with.

Looking at the emerging soundscapes, what do you think of the Music scene in Nigeria at the moment?

It’s exciting, lots of fresh faces, new sounds. Love to see it.

Seddy photographed by JessJessFinesse

That’s true. The new sounds are breaking barriers too, and everyone seems to have a motivation as to why they create and their plans/place in the industry. What motivates you to make music?

I don’t feel for long, when I want to feel something for long. I put it in a song. It helps me capture that fleeting feeling. So every time I play that song, I chase that feeling. Also, my life and my love for creating.

Ah, there’s that word again – ‘creating’. What does creating mean to you – cause it feels like everyone talks about creating and it means different things to different people

Creating is the ability to will something into existence. Ain’t no other definition. Ideas are cool but execution is what really makes a creative. Bringing what you dream to life.

Still on creating, I’d like to know about your feature streak.

I’d like to know what the collaborative process is like to you, what are things you consider for a feature?

If I like it, I’ll do it. If I have too much work, I take only paid work. Currently working on my stuff and paid work.

Also, the Artist. If I don’t agree with your principles, we won’t work.

Okay, I hear you but how do you work? Are there certain things you need or can’t do without during your creative process?

I just need to be okay. Centered. I like lemon and ginger with hot water that’s my tea. I always take that with me to my sessions. I like the lights dim or completely out. My lipgloss and a couple extras.

So at the end of the day, after immortalizing these feelings and experiences, what do you intend to achieve with your Music?

Longevity, I want to be around for a long time.

What’s longevity to you?

I know when it will be my time to step away from music. I won’t sing till I die. But my music and legacy will live on. I have so much to learn to attain longevity, so why not start now?

What would you say is your best genre and who/what would you say is your biggest musical influence?

Hmm, that’s a hard question, I listen to a lot. I’d say for sure lots of Black creators, black people are awesome, our sound and culture is the biggest influence in my Music.

And, R&B cause I like to sing. But, I really love Neo Soul.

Earlier, you mentioned Culture, how important do you think Culture is as a person?

Culture is everything. Culture is history. History is identity. You need to know your culture to know who you are and who you want to be.

It feels like you already have a defined path as an artiste. On every path there are obstacles, and in those obstacles you have to remind yourself why you like what you’re doing. At this point, what do you like most about being an Artist?

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The mundane parts of it really, The God complex in being able to bring my ideas to life

Haha! Speaking on the ‘God complex’ I’d like to understand the name SGAWD. How did it come into being and what made it stick?

It’s pronounced S-God ‘cause I know a lot of people have been asking. S is for Sedna. Sedna is a goddess I resonate with. I believe I am a God here on earth. That every woman is a piece of God here. That God is a woman. I can do anything – from creating, to planting a seed and watching it grow. Also, to be able to break my bones for months to carry a child if I wanted to.

To make a man’s life. That kind of malleability and complexity can only be divine. So yeah I believe I am a God here on earth.

That’s some insertion of feminism, I love that.

Are there any strikingly memorable experiences in your music journey so far?

My most memorable is yet to happen, so till then I’ll keep living.

How can Artists reach out to you for collaboration?

Email. I always say it.


Producers too. Email. Photographers, Email. Any creative, Email.

What’s your Email?

Hahaha, quick advert, nice. What should we look out for from Seddy?

More features, more jams, maybe a debut Ep in 2021, who knows?

Should we expect anything from you before the end of the year?

You can already see the features come in. But of course, I’m in a giving spirit. The end of the year is always my time.

We would definitely be anticipating.

This interview was carried out by Alan Tee and edited by Eni-ibukun J.T

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