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Ryan Ofei Sings Open The Heavens On “Limitless Worship: Accra”

Ryan Ofei Sings Open The Heavens On “Limitless Worship: Accra”

Ryan Ofei’s voice sounds like God made him solely to praise His name. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Ryan turned down football scholarships in favour of ministering the word of God through his music. In a short period, the Ghanaian/Canadian worshiper has built an incredible repertoire that can only be proof of God’s grace upon his life. Ryan Ofei’s singles (‘No Limits’ & ‘Jehova’) as well as his debut solo project (David’s Heart) have touched souls across continents and led to tours in Europe, North America & Africa. Ryan’s contributions to Maverick City Music, a group he joined in 2021 as a songwriter & performer, has led to several Grammy nominations and a Grammy win. UK Rapper, Stormzy quite recently co-signed Ryan by performing a cover of Ryan’s “Jehova” song at Montreaux Jazz Festival.  ‘Limitless Worship: Accra’ is Ryan Ofei’s second solo project and an ode to the Ghanaian roots through which God has blessed his life.

Ryan Ofei
Ryan Ofei

‘Limitless Worship’ opens with the uplifting ‘Hail The Name’ where Ryan Ofei’s voice beams with joy as he tells you to “lift up your eyes, look at the king, isn’t he beautiful?” A question that needs no answering. The chorus of voices that join him to sing “Yahweh” in the hook only heighten the feeling of abundance and beauty that fills you when the song starts. On ‘Amen (Wo Awie)’ Ryan praises God for fulfilling His promises to his servant. Ryan weaves his lyrics beautifully in English and closes it off in Twi on the hook. Ryan and his chorus of beautiful voices belt “Wo Awie, asem a wo kaa yɛ no, bɔhyɛ a wo hyɛɛ me no” which loosely translates to “the promises you made me, you have fulfilled them.” Ghanaian gospel stalwart Joe Mettle also lends his voice in praise with Ryan. More than halfway into the song, it switches into a powerful proclamation of unwavering belief in the promises of God which is also reflected in a switch in instrumentation that shows the intentionality with which Ryan creates music. With 5 songs and clocking in at around 30 minutes, Limitless Worship is a spirit filled showcase of Ryan Ofei’s growth in God and in musical ability. It is a wonderful listen and guaranteed to bring listeners closer to God.

‘Limitless Worship: Accra’ was recorded live in Ghana. It is Ryan Ofei’s first live recording and features elements of African worship blended with contemporary Christian music.

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Limitless Worship: Accra’ is now available on all streaming platforms here: 

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