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Rising Artist Zaiy Officially Unveils His “Zaiy’s Intro” EP

Rising Artist Zaiy Officially Unveils His “Zaiy’s Intro” EP

Today, fast-rising Nigerian artist Zaiy has delivered his exhilarating debut capsule EP Zaiy’s Intro via Futura Recordings. Zaiy’s Intro is an oeuvre of 3 tracks, replete with ability, talent, charm, and self-assertion. The budding singer is unburdened and carefree as he floats on every beat, teasing unique flows and using his honeyed vocals to sing us through his world – an open-house welcome to come in the early days of a future superstar.

“Pull Up”, the project’s opener and focus track is seductively mysterious until the beat drops and it morphs into a hypnotic afrobeat anthem. “Pull Up” is riveting, and a winning track for a self-styled storyteller. Following this is “I See You”, a track that allows for a dreamy baseline accompanied by mature lyrics that exude pure confidence in Zaiy’s vocal dexterity. And his aptitude for combining the sounds inspired by his Nigerian roots with fresh beats to create both hit songs is like no other, proving that his lifelong passion for music will set him levels above the rest.

Commenting on the project, Zaiy said: “The interesting thing is that the songs on this EP were not even planned, it was all just vibes. “Pull Up” came from a discussion with my friend and for “I see you”, I was at Skibii’s crib and a producer was making a beat and I just started vibing. I feel like I am at this point where I’m all about taking big steps, and I just want people to know who Zaiy is and where he is coming from. And honestly, if we didn’t drop these songs now, we might end up not dropping them.”

Zaiy’s Intro is the first full taste of what Zaiy has to bring to the culture, a thrilling introduction to his all-encompassing artistry. “I don’t see any competition because I have come to understand how it works and I have also learned a lot from the generation before,” he said. “Now, I feel it is a responsibility that has been placed on me, and in the next five years, the OGs would even be surprised how far we’d have taken Afrobeats. It is the assignment I have given myself.” 

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Listen to Zaiy’s “Zaiy’s Intro” EP Here

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