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Review: You’re Welcome to The Hause!

Review: You’re Welcome to The Hause!

A review of Hause Arrest, an EP by house music collective, The Hause

By Lawal Salami

Maybe it is homely music, or it just has its way of sucking you in. It is appealing and begs you to sip palmwine, laugh, and tap your friend’s shoulder. You tap your feet, swing your hips slowly into the upholstery and stand up because the rhythm has to find its way. It is welcoming. You’re welcome to the Hause.

It is a collective of performers and producers who find the house genre as their base and build from it into hills of fusions that we find their sounds towering at. The intro of the EP, strictly is highlife slowed down to meet the bop of your head. But in no time, we jump into celina, a track ringing and kicking with amapiano. 

The other tracks mix afro with contemporary house music and we are left with little space to catch our breath between seamless transitions and enticing melodies. 

Hause Arrest” is relieving music, and if you live in a busy city it contains the perfect kicks and strings to guide you to your happy place. But this EP isn’t just something that allures hippies (no pun intended lol.) At its lyrical core, there is a call to the definition of love, and baring emotions. There is also a celebration of music – specifically, house music – that puts its production on a top shelf.

The Hause’s intentions are clear and effective with this project. It stays on repeat, while you are tucked in, dreaming in an abstract world of melodic possibilities. And just then, it dawns on you that you are here to stay.

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Rating: 8.2/10.0

Listen to The Hause‘s Hause Arrest

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