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Reespect Moves on from Great Silence with the Release of ‘Jungle’

Reespect Moves on from Great Silence with the Release of ‘Jungle’

The fast-rising female emcee, born Aisha Hameed, popularly known as Reespect continues to ignite a spark in the Nigerian Hip-Hop community with her emotive lyricism and masterful flows as is represented in her most popular released record, “Great Silence” with over 50,000 plays across all platforms.


“Being an artist is the best excuse for being crazy,” she often says. She is a free spirit who enjoys freedom and considers herself a leader because she wants to be a beacon of freedom in a conservative society. She is often compared to a fictional character because of how she appears and her sounds. The variety of her music provides a window into her life and a clear representation of her feelings and thoughts.

When she’s not writing music, she builds on Web 3. You can join her Discord server by clicking the links in her biographies on Twitter and Instagram. She also has the “Planet Lukukul” world.


Following the release of Great Silence, Jungle is the second single from her upcoming EP. The faster tempo of Jungle makes it seem like the ideal song to use as a lead-in to the EP, experimenting with a variety of sounds the genre of Jungle is ragga, dancehall, hip-hop and alte.

The song’s goal is to evoke sensations of a building emotional storm that you can dance away by presenting a calm, poetic wrath. She compares the song to the mindset you enter when you desire to accomplish something, “so be wise, shine your eyes, no think twice…” The primary point of view of the song revolves around how she navigates life and makes decisions that help her accomplish her goals.
Jayblakez handled the production, and Ziziian produced the artwork.

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We can look forward to a Jungle music video to this song, The EP, performances a meet and greet as well as our first independent show. Stay Tuned!

Listen to Reespect’s Jungle

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