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On the Weekend of the Space Launch and A Hause Fellowship

On the Weekend of the Space Launch and A Hause Fellowship

You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of places young adults on Lagos Island could have been this weekend, and if you count twice, you’d find that a number of the coolest ones attended either or both the Space Launch by Esoterica and Yosa on Saturday the 10th, and/or Sunday’s Hause Fellowship hosted by The Hause. The likelihood of it being both as the conveyors and performers at either show was at the other one.

Space Launch was what the name suggests, the Launch of a Space. Oh, you’re imagining rockets? 

Yosa and Esoterica launched Space, a creative wormhole and studio space located somewhere in Dolphin Island, Ikoyi. The idea of Space was borne out of both co-founder’s inkling to have a place where creatives could create intricately without necessarily having to do session bookings as is the case with most Nigerian studios. It is a niche environment, broad and homely enough for neo age creatives to find themselves while they explore their art. To fully express Space’s mission, the opening had an exhibition by emerging artists, Wase Taiwo and Timilehin Oludare shown. The event eventually sailed into a night of partying with musical performances by Timi, Esoterica and The Hause before MisterKay and Yosa took the crowd into ecstatic moments of dance with enchanting mixes on the wheels of steel. 

The next evening was a sunday evening and it was time for Hause Fellowship as the band, The Hause love to term its shows. The rain washed off all expectations for an early start to the program but could not stop the Hausehold from filling up the insides of Johnny Rockets where the show just had to happen. THe evening began with Woody and Chi Wav teasing the audience as they plucked the tingles out of their guitar strings. Misterkay consequently brought on the vibe as he deejayed the speckles of doubts left by the rain away. Yosa joined him on the wheels thereafter and the party went on for a while, the audience dancing, eating, drinking and networking the night into a tease. Then came Loti with a performance with Misterkay of an unreleased song they have both created together titled “Doings”. Loti went ahead to thrill the crowd with yet another unreleased track of his, and then IMJ took back music policy, deejaying the night to his falling action. Esoterica brought the event to a close with her rendtion of Frank Ocean’s Thinkin ‘Bout You cover.

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