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On Healing: A Review of Shime Ahua’s New Mental Health Themed Song, “Anxiety”

On Healing: A Review of Shime Ahua’s New Mental Health Themed Song, “Anxiety”

By Lawal Salami

In society today, anxiety and other psychological challenges furrow deeply into our mental spaces and treatments and therapeutics are often unavailable, inaccessible, inadequate or expensive for the average human. This makes a good number of us as people to look to vices and patterns in order to cope. A human who creates music out of her own life experiences, Shime Ahua tells us that her path is a distinct connection to healing and she expresses this in her song Anxiety.

Anxiety isn’t just a song about mental health that speaks of it as a crippling and devastating state. Shime rather sings about it as one of the numerous drops in the waterfall that is her journey. She expresses anxiety as yet another complexity that she simply can get through through a conscious look into the glimmer of hope that steadily drives her ahead.

Anxiety brings to the spotlight an important aspect of healing; support. When one is dazed with anxious episodes, it doesn’t only tell on their reality. It also stains the air of those around them.  But rather than conceiving this effect as a reason to starve an anxious person of support and love so as not to be affected, it’s really paradoxical that what drains them of their energy can only be soothed by the presence of friends, family and other forms of support groups. Shime Ahua is also resolute on spirituality as a pillar holds an anxious mind in place, assuring herself and everyone around her that she will be alright with his wings.

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Anxiety is beautifully performed with a persistent band, led by Shime’s empowering vocals. A great song that is recommended for anyone going through a cloudy time. It is going to be alright in the end.

Listen to Shime Ahua’s Anxiety

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