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On Enchanteur: Moe Shows More of his Soft, Sweet Side

On Enchanteur: Moe Shows More of his Soft, Sweet Side


Moe is an artist whose music radiates softness. He shuttles between Lagos and Calabar, pursuing his art as an artist, while also handling backends operations in music distribution, publishing and promotion. 


Moe’s outlook of life is challenged by the intricate nature of his eagerness to find out how things work and why they do. My first meeting with Moe happened at a Kilimanjaro restaurant somewhere around Abraham Adesanya. From our conversation, I observed the larger than life attitude that has shaped his personality into an artist who is cautiously optimistic, and at the same time ready to put whatever is necessary for his creative visions to come to life. On this occasion Moe played me his pre-released record at the time, Enchanteur which he co-created with Poe Beats and on which features JSN.

Listening to the record, I could observe Moe’s gentle nature, his vision for softness and his sensory portrayal of affection in a record made about love. A few days after the release of the record, we had a quick chat, of which is short article is made of. 


Hi Moe

Hello June

How do you do today? How’s your day going so far? 

Well, it is in fact a beautiful and cold weekend. I woke up a few hours ago and carried out my morning routine – cleaning up my apartment, taking a shower.. oh, I just ate too. 

Seems like the start of an interesting day to me

Oh yes, it is… fingers crossed 


I think the way we start our days really determines how we approach creating. With how you’ve begun today hi would you describe the space you are in creatively right now?

Ohhhh it’s an amazing space. Recently I have been exploring sounds and reaching new pockets with my writing and recording process. I have been having wonderful days without question. 

That’s grand. Speaking on reaching new pockeds with your writing and recording process, you’ve recently released a new record, “Enchanteur” with Pope Beats, and on which Jsnthewave features… the same one you played for me a few weeks back. Can you tell me how this song came to be? 

So, I started working on this collaborative EP with Pope. It is set to be released sometime this year. This record was in some ways informed by the project.

Jsn is a friend of mine and over the course of our friendship I have come to see just how creative he is. I have been looking forward to working with him for a while now, but I did not just want what we make together to be just any record. I wanted us to make something that will stay in mind and heart together. 

So at the time we linked up at the studio, we had a heart to heart conversation about our different experiences with women and that is how we pieced the gem ENCHANTEUR together. 


Ohh, I see! That must have been a very open and funny conversation because the song is about heartbreak and the complicated nature of relationships –

[Smirks] Yes it was..

So it’s safe to say it was inspired by personal experiences

Yes, both I and Jsns’

That’s crazy


You know, romantic relationships have begun to take different forms in our age…

Do  you think as young people we can still find a form of love that comes with no complications especially in Nigeria and in this digital non-trusting world?

Well, yes, I think so. We just need to shut the world out and focus on whom we’ve chosen to share the vulnerable part of ourselves with, learn patience, trust and forgiveness too. 

We young people are having heavy misconceptions about what love is and how to love. It’s like we’ve turned it into a competitive thing – something to show off with – but if we all can hit the reset button we can learn to love in a conducive manner. 

I think I agree with you to an extent… 

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“Enchanteur” is the second single you’ve released this year, “4eva” being the first… are you working on more music at the moment? 

Yes most definitely, I will be releasing a personal project or a couple singles after the collaborative EP with Pope Beats is out. There’s definitely more coming. I’m working on much too.

That’s really calm. I’m sure your listeners are looking forward to it.

This year seems to be moving faster than usual… it’s as if time is ticking a lot faster than when we were kids


So, so far what experiences have you had in the first quarter of this year that has changed your perspective about life? 

I have learnt so much about myself that I did not know before, honestly. I did an in-depth study of who I am and that has helped me to manage people and situations around me. 


As wild as that sounds, I think it’s normal too. So what’s something interesting you’d love for people to know about you? Something that could perhaps attract them to vibing with you and your art?

I have come to understand that my music is a reflection of who I am. The truth is, if you take away all of these hard guy facade, I am a walking teddy bear and a sulker for soft love. Also, all my works are based off personal experiences, especially the ones I’m directly involved in. But also the ones in which I’ve had to share my perspective on.

I think the best art are created from personal experiences… that’s why AI could never!!

[Laughs] True true 

There’s a question I ask people I get to have these long of conversations with; Generally in life, What matters the most to you and why?

For me, it is family, and peace. My family is all I have and I love my family so hard. And for peace, when you attain that, I believe that all other things will take course. 

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