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Nomisia debuts with an EP titled What Doesn’t Kill You

Nomisia debuts with an EP titled What Doesn’t Kill You

Naomisia finally drops her debut project; WDKY – What Doesn’t Kill You, an 8 track EP
navigating elements of R&B, Pop and soft Electronic Music; telling a story of personal
experiences, falling in and out of love, heartbreak, letting go, overcoming and moving on with blatant honesty. Drawing influences of emotional songwriting and atmospheres from artists such as Aaliyah and Ed Sheraan, What Doesn’t Kill You is a love letter and soundtrack to one’s life. The lead single ‘Very Special’ delivers a story of being present and living in the moment and letting love find you regardless of all your missing pieces.
Written by NAOMISIA and produced by Tanzanian music producer RACHI; WDK – What
Doesn’t Kill You is Naomisia’s official introduction to the world with wordplay and catchy yet intriguing lyrics that better express (in short but in depth) her experiences thus far.

“At the end of WDKY, I can only hope that one is drawn closer to the understanding
that what didn’t kill you is only meant to teach you, to make you evolve, learn more
about yourself, love YOU more and LIVE and LOVE LIFE in all its imperfect
dimensions. This project is my way of issuing a new chapter in my life, a chapter of
blatant honesty (to myself and others) and risk taking. What Doesn’t Kill You is an
ode to trying new things and documenting the successes and failures. Because why
not? ”, NAOMISIA says.


WDKY cover art
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