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Musical Genius Ayuu Releases Eccentric Album ‘Toxic Sweet’

Musical Genius Ayuu Releases Eccentric Album ‘Toxic Sweet’

‘Toxic Sweet’ is a nine-track album from Nigerian -born-UK Based artist Ayuu. ‘’Toxic Sweet’ is a cocktail of sounds that accompanies the listeners through a melodic landscape as Ayuu tackles mental health, toxicity and romance. From the first play till the final second of the tape, fans get to experience the deeper definition of a love that is so beautiful it morphs into toxicity proving that a little much of everything is dangerous. 

The prolific singer and songwriter infuse R&B and Soul with elements of Afropop setting the blazing aura of desire that emits dangerous outcomes. With already released singles “Guns&Roses(QuestionYaHeart)” and “Makarena”, Ayuu had already given a sneak peek of the eccentric album with stellar productions. ‘

Despite its introspective themes, ‘Toxic Sweet’ elicit a hedonistic atmosphere with the fan fervent “Makarena”, mental health with “Guns ‘N’Roses”, toxic love with “Vice Versa” and tranquillity with “2Much”. 

‘Toxic Sweet’ has set Ayuu as one of the artists to watch in the forthcoming years in Africa and also in the UK. On this album, Ayuu features a plethora of artists including GJtheCaeser, Dopeman Twizzy and Andrę Wolff.

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Listen to Ayuu’s “Toxic Sweet” Here

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