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MR. LU* and King Kerby Releases “Nakujali”

MR. LU* and King Kerby Releases “Nakujali”

MR. LU* and King Kerby Releases "Nakujali"

What does it look like to care, to love, to feel so strongly, about that one somebody? In the first single of their upcoming joint album “Kazi Kwa Vijana”, MR. LU* & KING KERBY in collaboration with XPRSO member Mars Maasai dive deep into those feelings. MR. LU* Kerby “Nakujali”

New Release from MR. LU* & King Kerby

“Nakujali” (I care about you) was written from a place of profound earnestness. LU*’s classic booming bass and pulsating synth carry you through the track, amplifying the real and raw emotions being expressed by these young men. MR. LU* and King Kerby Releases “Nakujali”

Bio MR. LU is a producer, filmmaker and songwriter from Nairobi, Kenya.

Directed by the brilliant Bafe, the Nakujali video displays the many different ways in which love in a relationship is expressed and presented. Starring Cherry Black and Kavulani, the audience is transported into their world, truly feeling the care that this project does so well to communicate.

KING KERBY’s bright and spirited delivery of his playful lyrics encapsulates the fun and the whimsical feeling of being in love. This contrasts the darker tone taken by the ever gifted Mars Maasai who takes us away with his version of a grittier more fervent expression of care. LU* rounds us out with a distinct articulation of what it looks like to notice the little things.

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Kazi Kwa Vijana” is a project which in every sense, dictates the feelings and exemplifies the work of these talented youth. This can also be seen in the detail taken and creativity expressed in the accompanying “Nakujali” music video.

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