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MisterKay Toasts to the virtues of a largely beneficial year

MisterKay Toasts to the virtues of a largely beneficial year

MisterKay is a Nigerian alternative-soul singer, songwriter and performer whose artistry is built around the essential instrument of pushing contemporary music trend. His consistency & versatility has enabled him to build a working relationship with some other remarkable contemporary artists such as BlackMagic, Efya, The Cavemen, GuiltyBeats, Remy Baggins, Lady Donli, Keziah Mallam, Egar Boi, and many others. In this conversation with the artiste, we learn about his recently released two-track project, TOAST.

Picture taken of MisterKay behind the scene of Dirty Diana visuals

Hello MisterKay, how are you doing today?

MisterKay: I am well, thank you. Hope you are too

Oh, sure. You have recently just released TOAST on all major streaming platforms. How would you perceive the reaction of your fans to it as your piece of work?

I must say I’m excited! Seeing people share posts and stream the record is just beautiful. Already this is my fastest growing record.

Wow. that is tremendous, it really is.


The project houses two deftly created singles, “Dirty Diana” and “Diego”. What qualities do both of these singles possess similarly that made you put them together in a project titled TOAST

For me it’s the blend. There is a smooth blend when you move from Diego to Dirty Diana, so I didn’t hesitate to just dropped the two records together. Besides, it’s takes at least two to make a Toast.

Hahaha, that’s smart! Which makes me ask, why is the project named “TOAST”?

Toast is The start of a new phase. It is a celebration of what we’ve done and what we will do.

Hmmm.. profound. Looking back now I think we all should toast to this year because 2021 has been a beautiful year for African creatives generally. Has the year had any positive impact on you as a person? How so?

2021 has been my best musical year so far! I’ve learnt so much this year that I’m grateful for and I know 2022 will only get better.

It can only get better from here, truly. Almost drawing its curtains, how would you love to close out this year?

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[By God’s Grace I will be] closing the year with more visuals and performances. I’ll be out more this time of the year performing these records to amazing people.

Nice. In the spirit of ending the year, what are you most grateful for at the moment?

I am grateful for my Team! From management to producers, they’re doing the most right now to make sure this dream stays alive.

I am very sure they will be grateful to you too in some ways… Can’t but just ask, are you working on anything presently?

Yeah, sure. I’m working on the Hause project with Mark Adachi. It is the first project The Hause will be putting out in 2022.

We really can’t wait to see what comes out of that. We at drummr really appreciate the privilege of having this conversation with you. We hope to see you achieve your dreams as you progress in your art. Thanks for doing this with us, MisterKay.

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