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MBA For Africa Introduces Eight Future African Stars With Its Release Of “Fuel & Flames”, An Album To Empower

MBA For Africa Introduces Eight Future African Stars With Its Release Of “Fuel & Flames”, An Album To Empower

MBA For Africa launches/spotlights 8 Afro-influenced future stars through its 2022 talent project. The artists Zaki Amujei, Mightyyout, Jola Bello, Musta4a, Adam Srae, Ekemini Jane, Taffy Ghazali and Apartment VII, all top finalists of the open talent call which garnered over 2700+ entries across Africa are all fueled for takeoff/stardom with the release of the album “Fuel & Flames”

The artists, voted by the public, as well as the student-led sub-companies of the MBA For Africa programme, have been equipped with the resources, development, and backing of the MBA programme and global partners such as The Orchard, Sony Music Publishing Nigeria, and YouTube Music to discover and develop an inspired collection of unique talents whose body of work is sure to set your hearts and ears on fire.

Speaking to Nzube Robert, CMO MBA The Company 2022, he proudly states ‘we are thrilled to have worked with these Artists to actualize their dreams. They each have unique sounds and we are excited to share them with the world.

“Fuel & Flames” is a 15-track Project consisting of 8 singles from each of the artists, plus collaborations across the artists, and its lead single ‘Manifest’, already dubbed as THE empowerment anthem of 2022.

The album is a compilation of tracks that speak of the origin (a spark), story (the fuel), discovery, and endless possibilities to come (the flame), all activated through the MBA for Africa programme.

Speaking to Ife Diran, CEO, MBA The Company 2022, she shares, ‘The goal was to discover talent and provide a platform for them to shine and I do believe we have achieved that with this body of work. These Artists surrendered to the process and have proven that all it takes is the right support from the right people. I can’t wait for the world to hear them and what they have created’.

MBA For Africa founder, Godwin Tom has expressed his support and pride in the 2022 cohort of the programme stating that,

“This album… The entire process of creating this album. From the students learning about the process in class to the writing and production camp to the recording sessions to song selections and mixing and mastering to creating a marketing plan. Everything is proof that if you give willing and determined young people information and guidance and support, they will do amazing things. This album is one of those amazing things!”

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The Music Business Academy for Africa is a platform dedicated to developing a more informed and empowered workforce for the African Music and Entertainment industry.

The intensive MBA for Africa 2022 programme which began in July 2022 in partnership with YouTube Music, Creative Industries Initiative For Africa (CIIFA) & Music Ally operated as a full proof vocational programme teaching global best practices within music and entertainment, adapted specifically to the African market.

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