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Angelo became the first-ever Africa-based artist to be nominated for the RAPZILLA.COM’s first-year CLASS alongside Tobe Nwigwe in 2018. Since then Angeloh has released notable songs such as “Open the Door”, “For Sure”, “Comforter”, “Knives & Lambs” and his “Love Child” EP series. MAXCHAT WITH ANGELOH [Drummer]

Angeloh is passionate about building a thriving, mainstream Christian Music & entertainment industry. He is currently working on new music releases as well as original soundtracks for a Nollywood blockbuster movie in which he’s also making a debut as an actor.

Tonight, he’ll be speaking to us about his life, artistry and journey into the industry.

Welcome to #MaxChat!

Welcome to MaxChat, Angeloh. How’re you feeling tonight?

I’m feeling great. Actually in the studio right now, yeah! It’s a great night. And yours?

We’re excited to have you join us tonight! First off, tell us what made you choose the Christocentric path as an artiste? What inspires your sound?

Man. Jesus helps my life man. Hahahaha, and i’m not talking heaven or hell – i’m talking here and no. Everywhere for spoil if not for him. The music is my way of meeting people where they are (like i am or was) with the help He helps me with.

Wow. That’s interesting. Your type of Christian music offers a very unique and contemporary sound. How have you managed to consistently stay true to yourself and your artistry while also not being afraid to sort of push beyond the envelope of traditional gospel music?

The sound doesn’t and should not affect the message. It takes cutting-edge art to attract the attention of people. So for someone like me with an important message – the music has to be cutting edge or it may fall on deaf ears. MAXCHAT WITH ANGELOH [Drummer]

True, true. You recently released the first single off your incoming Love Child IV project titled For You, a soothing love tune. Being a Christian artiste that also records love songs, do you ever receive criticism for it? If yes, how do you handle it?

Funny thing. The one time someone came with sideways energy in my comment section it was the people who set him straight. Love is pure, and lust and suggestive content Are clear to see. My love songs are about LOVE and everybody loves LOVE. Plus, I’m not actively or indirectly stirring lustful or abusive vibes and messages with my music. It’s pure vibes only. The type you’d wish on your loved ones and children and yourself. 

That’s very precise. Can you walk us through the creation and recording process for ‘For You’? How did the idea turn into a final product come through?

I make music from my inner and outer observations in life. I reaslise that “butterflies in the tummy” are like matchsticks – great at starting fires but terrible as firewood. True love is about committed choice and follow through. That’s what “For You” is about. I hit up genius JayClassic, he sent me a fire beat. The words and rhythm came together, and boom!

You created something beautiful. Your Love Child E.P series has been garnering great acclaim. If anything, what would you say you’ve learned overtime, creatively, since you started recording that project, that has made you keep on with it? Why not a different project? 

Creatively I’m learning to simplify my thoughts even more when making music. Jesus is a prime example lol. “Love Child” is my musical expression for Love and Relationships, and love is everywhere that’s why I keep creating it. I have non relationships songs too. 

Love Child 3 had fewer love songs and more gospel songs than others, is there a particular reason why?

Remember when I said God helps my real life? It’s not me forming spiricoco lol. I got married during lockdown, was expecting our first child, and healing from trauma I didn’t know I had – it was a lot. 

Love Child 3 was a blessing. we’ll like you to tell us three things about you that a lot of people don’t know.

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1) I lived with 27 different families in the space of 20 years.

2) I’m a super nerd. I skipped primary 3 and 4, JSS1 second term all the way to SS1 first term and still killed my finals.

3) Omo, e choke. 

Wow, these are really amazing excerpts. Finally, as we keep streaming ‘For You’, what next should we expect from you? Another single before Love Child IV? Also, any details you could give us on the incoming project?

New Single “TGFY” is up next! (Thank God For You). ‘Obaram’ is the movie, directed by Kayode Kassum (Sugar Rush and Quams Money) starring yours truly Angeloh alongside Onyeka Onyewu, Nkem Owo, Nancy Isime, Sydney Talke and Cavemen! We made great songs for this movie!

That’s really a lot of movies. Finally Naya, with the energy at which you’re delivering back-to-back releases this year. What should we expect from you in the coming months? Is there a project in the works? Give us a clue.

Naya Akanji: I’VE. GOT. SO. MUCH. PLANNED! I don’t wanna talk too much so I don’t spoil the surprises but you’re getting so much premium Naya art this year. Stay tuned. MAXCHAT WITH ANGELOH [Drummer]

Thank you for joining us tonight on MaxChat, Angeloh. We appreciate you for finding time to connect with us tonight and we wish you the best in your future musical endeavours.

Have a great night.

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