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LunaLovesYou Tells a Psychadelic Love Story in New Song, Hesitation

LunaLovesYou Tells a Psychadelic Love Story in New Song, Hesitation


Hesitation” by LunaLovesYou is an unspoken psychedelic love story between two young lovers who embark on a trip together, in order to unlock the secrets of the universe. On their journey, they face the fiery and transformative energy of the ‘cid gods. Fighting and confronting their personal demons, while embracing themselves.

Album cover art by Alina Abdullahi

Transmuting this energy into something powerful and coming together in sexual union, the two young lovers unknowingly bound themselves to one another. Not long after separating, they’re bombarded with telepathic thoughts and messages from the other, their names echoing in empty alleyways, and faintly carrying over busy crowds. The punchy opening line, “I’ve been getting sick of all this hesitation” which sets the tone of the song is the leading line in one of the lovers’ expressions of getting impatient and frustrated by their counterpart’s inability to come clean, admitting to how life-changing the experience was.

There is an expression of regret about the entire situation, as the hook states, “I think we f*cked up when we popped the a- (acid)” as both lovers realized they got in way over their heads and were unprepared for the spiritual chaos that ensued. The overall mood of the song is one of finality and reaching one’s breaking point. “Everything reminds me of them” is the perfect way to describe the uncanny pop-ups and synchronicities the two (now former) young lovers were experiencing.

Without much of a final word or official closure, the lovers are left with uncertainty, questions unanswered, and a longing for some clarity on their situation. After months… heck, even years, still nothing. The young lover can only ask for clarity and re-connection so many times before giving up, as the song closes out with a hard-hitting beat, vocal-less, almost portraying just how much distance lies between the two (now former) young lovers.

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