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LunaLovesYou Opens Ways to Clarity in “Meant To Say”

LunaLovesYou Opens Ways to Clarity in “Meant To Say”

Produced by Yellowlabz, ‘Meant to Say’ is a song LunaLovesYou wrote while she was going through the motions, reflecting on an encounter they had, which didn’t work out. But as they progress on their healing journey they realize that progress with healing is never going to be linear. 

In the first verse, we hear LunaLovesYou pleading for some sort of closure so as to move on, but they’re left with nothing. In the second verse, they expose the parallel between the level of communication they received when they wanted it versus when they no longer cared about the situation. 

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LunaLovesYou is a 20-year-old non-binary Nigerian musician and model who dabbles in video editing and graphic design. Their pronouns are she/they and they’re based in London, UK. As a young dark-skinned femme, LunaLovesYou expresses themselves mainly through their multi-aesthetic clothing and makeup. Luna’s music is heavily influenced by her personal experiences ‘both in 3D and 5D’ as they often say. Their inclination for the dream state and divination aids their storytelling abilities, as they dig deep within when writing their songs. Although the recurring theme in LunaLovesYou’s music appears to be heartbreak, their main focus is actually on love.

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