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LinchpinMusic Is Set To Release His First Single Of The Year “Cosmic Wine”

LinchpinMusic Is Set To Release His First Single Of The Year “Cosmic Wine”

LinchpinMusic is a versatile musician, producer and stage performer. He was born in the southern part of Nigeria; Edo State and now based in Toronto Canada. He classifies himself under the umbrella genre of Afro-fusion as he is well versed across different genres of music; which is as a result of his exposure to different cultures and a wide range of music he was exposed to growing up

He is set to release his first single “COSMIC WINE” in 2023 on the 17th of February. LinchpinMusic first released music in 2018 which he took off music platforms as he felt the music no longer represented his state of mind and all his attributes as a creative. LinchpinMusic hopes to draw you into his world of Melodies and artistry with his latest single ‘Cosmic Wine’ while you free yourself, dance and feel good in the process. He talks about a person of interest opening the song with the following line “Yeah she fancy, food for the spirit she a Pisces” this is how he shows you two facets of his personality: the young/fun youthful attraction to a love interest and how he still takes note of spiritual appeal.

With this record; he just wants you to see just maybe a touch of him as a person as he produced this song in a very colorful mind state while sticking to his Nigerian roots where he was born and raised. In his words “Listeners should interpret the song however they want to and allow the Melodies and rhythmic percussion to elevate them as this single and every other record I put out are my capsules to the world.

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Listen to LinchpinMusic’s “Cosmic Wine” Here

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