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Ladi First Single of the Year Marvy and Sr. Epoch

Ladi First Single of the Year Marvy and Sr. Epoch

Ladi Marvy Sr. epoch drummrafrica
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Ladi Releases the First Single of the Year alongside Marvy and Sr. Epoch. Ladi Marvy Sr. epoch drummrafrica

Los Angeles based Nigerian producer, LADI, has been making significant strides in his artistry since his debut in 2019 with ‘GOOD TIME’ ft Wisdom and Thewavvyone, which introduced a refreshing wave that had listeners waiting for more. Ladi Marvy Sr. epoch drummrafrica.

Here is his first single for 2022 “Live For Something” which features fast-rising artist Sr. Epoch and huge fan favourite, Marvy.

The “Sorry” hitmaker takes a deep dive into the voyage of meditation to reckon with a fight against everyday problems we face and achieve indicative substance out of life, while Sr. Epoch caps the song off with catchy and energy-filled Jamaican lingua to solidify the letter and build acceleration to the chorus, making the song an antidote for triumph. Ladi Marvy Sr. epoch drummrafrica

On “Live For Something”, LADI delivers a soft clap afrobeat tune with an urban touch that will get you caught right until the fade out. The verisimilitude and unpredictability of the soundscape come in waves to immerse you even deeper into the high-vibe single. Ladi features Marvy, Sr. Epoch on new single, ‘Live For Something’

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There’s a resonant amount of sincerity and a strong message behind ‘Live For Something’, both found in the artists’ vocals and their lyrics which doesn’t happen all too often with Pop tracks, yet it has just proven how refreshing it is to truly make a connection with a track.

Ladi Marvy Sr. epoch drummrafrica
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MARVY’s reassuring and melodic vocals with Sr. epoch’s striking patois flows both complements the smooth groove LADI creates to make ‘Live For Something’ a solid jam. Ladi Marvy Sr. epoch drummrafrica

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