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Kenyan Alt-R&B Star Maya Amolo Returns With “Cotton Candy”

Kenyan Alt-R&B Star Maya Amolo Returns With “Cotton Candy”

Maya Amolo is a Kenyan singer-songwriter whose music explores love’s complex spectrum through the lens of alternative R&B. She cut her teeth on SoundCloud, collaborating with internet producers to create sad boi tunes like “U Wanna” and “Where Tornados Flew”. Maya’s sugary vocals and soft harmonies quickly amassed her a dedicated listenership and garnered the attention of local producers and musicians.  She released her debut project, Leave Me At The Pregame, which takes the listener through a melodious journey of self-acceptance and healing in mid-2020.  Her sound has evolved since leaving the pregame as she enters into a new era of her artistry: “I used to think I make the best music when I’m sad and angry but in the past year I realised that I make the best music when I’m honest, and honesty can be any feeling”. 

Her debut album Asali, released last November, is a sweet journey through the various faces that love wears. “I called it ‘Asali’ (swahili for honey) because I was experiencing sweetness in a way that felt natural and not over indulgent. When you add a spoon of honey to something, it always feels like a healthy option,” she says.

Her latest single “Cotton Candy” is a light and sexy exploration of sensuality. Building on the universe of her debut album Asali, Maya partnered with Nigerian producer SirBastien to create a bouncy and dynamic afro-pop record “for the girls.” Lush electric guitars, punchy log-drums, and backing vocals from Ugandan R&B sensation MAUIMØON form the perfect backdrop for Maya to delve into the deeper and stickier elements of love.

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Listen to “Cotton Candy” here

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