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KARAH Releases Debut Single “Greedy”

KARAH Releases Debut Single “Greedy”

KARAH, an upcoming Nigerian singer and song writer, just dropped her first ever song titled “Greedy” on the 9th of September, 2022.

This track produced by Retrro displays a fresh twist on Afro-soul which according to KARAH was ‘created from a familiar place of yearning’. Here, KARAH taps into the mind of a girl who knows what she wants and even more is direct about her feelings.

KARAH says she quickly knew the direction of the song after listening to the beat a couple of times. Emotions portrayed in the song flowed naturally just as the lyrics.

KARAH wishes to use this track as a medium to inspire a brave approach to love. To shooting your shot and not looking back. In her words, her audience for this song is “anyone whose heart beats for another”.

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KARAH is already making waves with “Greedy” as it got featured on 7 Apple Music curated playlists including best new songs and future hits to mention a few. KARAH is definitely one to look out for in Nigeria’s music industry’s near future.

Listen to KARAH’s “Greedy” Here

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