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Joe Kingston Releases Visuals To Summer Anthem “Mapessa”

Joe Kingston Releases Visuals To Summer Anthem “Mapessa”

Revelling in the successful rollout of his eccentric hypnotic track “Mapessa”, Joe Kingston is back with its sumptuous visuals.

Released in August, Joe Kingston gives a sterling performance as he celebrates the summer season as it’s right to party and throws cash around as he croons over an addictive Drill beat.  The lush nature of” Mapessa” is reflected in the video as Joe has luxurious bags attracting the women around him. The playful rhythms of” Mapessa” perfectly complement the neat shots and colourful background throughout the video. Joe Kingston’s eccentric performance and personality accompany accurate shots with lush, warm visuals and detailed elements bringing the video to life.

“Mapessa” (meaning money) reflects a good Friday with friends and turning up by spending money, sharing good vibes and drinking classy liquor bottles. Just as the weather is perfect for the summer season in the video, Joe’s lyrics and visuals have a dreamy feeling. Joe Kingston displays his lavish fashion sense on a par with the video’s rich quality as he cuts through stills with aetheric fits.

The alluring bounce of the song draws an upbeat feel with groovy dance floor-ready beats as the star finds space to show his lyrical dexterity and playful composition. 

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Watch Joe Kingston’s “Mapessa” Video Here

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