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IamDifferent; IamAuthentic; IamNaomisia!

IamDifferent; IamAuthentic; IamNaomisia!

In an age that yearns for unconventional yet pushes for conformity, Naomisia is unapologetically unconventionally who she is.

Twenty two year old Naomisia J Mchaki popularly know by her stage name, Naomisia, is a Tanzanian RnB/Afropop singer/songwriter. Born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Naomisia debuted when she performed at the 2016 Alternative Nights event in Dar es Salaam. She has since released a single and recently, an EP titled What Doesn’t Kill You. She is inspired by artistes such as Wizkid, AKA and Mario, and hopes to one day work with Vanessa Mdee, Shekyana and Tiwa Savage.

Behind the scene: What Doesn’t Kill You.

Naomisia, photographed by Andrew Munuwa

“After my first single in 2018, some other Tanzanian artists who had listened to my work described it as ‘really cool’ but advised me to stick to the mainstream sound that everyone is used to. Following this, I struggled with my identity as a singer alot. This caused me setbacks as I experimented with other sounds and whilst they didn’t sound bad, they didn’t feel authentic either. Finally, I said to myself, If I got my fans because they like my music and because my music is different, why would I allow myself be changed.” – Nomisia

Like many other emerging artists, Naomisia’s faced her fair share of criticism and doubt. She has also experienced fear. It was this fear that caused the postponement of the making and release of her EP in 2019 as she’d originally intended. During the brief period she was under this spell, she tossed around different ideas and considered doing a mixtape. However, she eventually decided to showcase her depth as an artiste through a smaller body of work; an EP.

What Doesn’t Kill You was inspired by….

Naomisia, photographed by Andrew Munuwa

“At the start of the covid-19 lockdown, I was romantically involved with someone. However in April 2020, he broke things off leaving me utterly heartbroken. That was a completely new experience for me; the heartache. There were days were I couldn’t do anything. Those feelings were what inspired my EP as evidenced in the titled What Doesn’t Kill you. Through my EP, I expunged myself of all lingering pain and sorrow. I tried to convey different messages especially that we shouldn’t be afraid of our emotions.
Though I don’t want to relive that period, I’m grateful it fueled my creative drive. Whatever I felt, I wrote down either as a poem or potential song lyric. It was those jottings I referred to when I started the writing proper. In all, I’d say that those songs are as a result of the emotional purging I went through.”

– Naomisia.

As a female artiste, Naomisia is very in tune with and proud of her femininity and with it, her sexuality. Victim, her intro, is a song that lets her express her sensuality in a very befitting manner. In her Outro, she says ‘Unachopata hapa kwake hupati,’ Swahili for ‘What you get from me, you can’t get from anyone else.’ This is true as evidenced in her style as a singer, lyrics as a songwriter and overall range as an artiste. Heartbreak has proven an effective source of inspiration, just ask Taylor swift!

If it Doesn’t Kill You, it makes you…

Naomisia, photographed by Vanessa Mwingira

Red solo cup in hand, hips swaying and feet moving of their own accord. A reaction evoked when listening to Autopilot and Ng’ang’ana, both tracks on the EP.
Entwined limbs, body pressed against body, skin on skin contact that leaves one wholly sated, is what one envisions when listening to Victim and Pumzika.
For an artiste that describes herself as a very selfish songwriter, Naomisia’s What Doesn’t Kill You is a generous raw body of work that takes its listeners on a rollercoaster ride that is a myriad of emotions. Ranging from the warm fuzzy feelings she elicits to the empowering boss woman wave she leaves us riding.

Fun facts about Naomisia

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Naomisia, photographed by Vanessa Mwingira

● Naomisia comes from a family of four and is the older sister to a younger brother.
● She is a Mom’s girl and decribes her mother as her Ride or die and biggest supporter. She often takes her to the studio with her.
● The first musical instrument she played was her Grandparents piano and this helped spur on her love for music.
● She’s a member of a Jazz band called Daz Jazz.

● She initially only wanted to be a songwriter but after much encouragement, tried her hand at singing and discovered her love for it.
● She once considered a desk job but eventually followed her passion as she couldn’t ignore the ‘call of music.’
● She’s a sports person. At 5’8”, she’s a basketball player and has briefly dabbled in kickboxing. She’s all for exploring and pushing the limits of her body.
● She enjoys food and sometimes refers to herself as ChefNao.
● Her top three favorite genres are Pop, RnB and anything alternative. She feels she is better suited for RnB as it’s better suited to her style.
● She is a Pan Africanist and is proudly ‘black with a vengeance.’
● She loves the duality of her heritage, Mozambican from her maternal side and Tanzanian from her paternal side. She likes that her songs are a mix of her language and English.
● She featured one artiste on her Ep and it’s a female artiste. This is because she’s all for female empowerment and believes the industry doesn’t witness enough of that.
● If she weren’t a singer/songwriter, she’d be working full time on community outreach projects for women and still hopes to someday combine that with her music.

click here can listen to WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU here

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